Sunday evening August 7

Our evening service consisted of some great singing, a special from Grayson and then some testimonies from those who attended Majesty Music‘s Music College. We had several folks who made that trip. It’s always great to hear about how the Lord worked in the lives of those who make a special effort to learn more regardless of what the subject is. All of the people who went came home with something to say. See Julia, Raquel, Mateo, Bonnie, Melodie, Gail, Tom, Kaori or Brian for more info on that!

Pastor’s message was humbling. He spoke on the Lord’s thought life and how he thinks about you and me!

Ps 40:17 But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinketh upon me:

We take this for granted. God looks right through us and sees everything like a spiritual MRI.

God knows:

how many words of the Bible you have read today,

how many minutes you spend in prayer,

how many tears you shed for lost souls,

the thoughts you had today.

You have been investigated by God Almighty!


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