Wednesday Evening August 31

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get warm? Imagine living in a home where warm is 55 in the winter…(that’s INSIDE folks) and outside temperatures rarely hit the 70’s in summer. The first snow could fall as early as late September and that snow will not melt until springtime comes again. The sun will set in mid November and you won’t see it again until late January (65 days) at which time the average temperature is 16 degrees BELOW zero but can drop to -70! Makes you really appreciate warm, sunny, Rochester, doesn’t it?

We had the distinct privilege of having a veteran missionary in our service this past Wednesday evening. It isn’t often that we have had such an opportunity and when the Lord made it possible, we knew it was His will that opened the door.

Missionary Nick Serino and his family have served on the Alaskan North Slope for 29 years. Having started four churches in a hard, cold land, Bro Serino has proven himself to be the man for the job. The message he brought us after showing his slides, was meant for everyone and highly recommended for your sermon CD library.

For more information, please see the Serino’s website at


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