Zoning code bans home bible study

An outrageous story of Christian discrimination has found its way into the news cycle this past weekend.  In Gilbert, Arizona, the local zoning board has prohibited all religious meetings held in homes, regardless of their size, nature, or frequency. Alliance Defense Fund attorneys are filing an appeal.  Read the incredible details here: No church meetings at home

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  1. Jeremiah Rodell
    Jeremiah Rodell says:

    What an outrage! These policy makers are twisting and channeling liberty away from us. They need to be held accountable and I hope that they do not get re-elected. I’m glad my home is in heaven. They won’t be able to stop church up there! HA!

  2. apostle43
    apostle43 says:

    Jeremiah, I checked out the web site of the church that is being discriminated against. Although it is not a Baptist church, their doctrine is very much in line with what we at GLBBC believe. This could happen to us, here in the very liberal state of New York.

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