Family Conference Update

Our recent Family Conference was a success. We live in a day and age when the family is under attack. Divorce, unfaithfulness, rebellion, dishonor of parents, disobedience, etc. have all become woes of the time we live in. But does it have to be that way?

We were privileged to have Mr. & Mrs. John Marshall with us for the weekend. This wise couple is the parents of ten children, all grown now, but also all serving the Lord in their lives. Some are missionaries and/or wives on foreign mission fields. Others are leaders, pastors wives and laymen in the churches they attend. If there is anyone who can help us with the family, this couple is it. More on them at

We started out with a message from Bro. Marshall on Friday evening. His message was on family revival. Although many of us wish for it, there will be no revival in our land if the family is not revived first. And before the family has revival, the marriage must be revived.

Genesis 34

After the rape of their sister, Simeon and Levi take things into their own hands. The burden doesn’t fall on them though. It falls on Jacob. Verse 30″ And Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, Ye have troubled me to make me to stink among the inhabitants of the land,”

in chapter 35 Jacob meets with God. this is no small thing. Bethel is a picture of the house of God. Jacob met with God and got some things in order.

The head of the house must be in charge. He must put away the strange god’s. What strange god’s are in your home? What takes your time from God. What gets your attention before you have time with the Lord?  Get your house cleaned up and don’t bring those things back!

Get your family and home in order. Work together. Be a sweet smelling fragrance to the Lord. Sell out and be revived!

On Saturday morning we had split sessions. The men heard from and asked questions of John Marshall. The ladies met with Mrs. Lee Marshall. The  information we gleaned from these two fine examples is priceless. We heard of how to keep our marriages intact. We learned what is expected of a wife and/or a husband. We know better what our role is as a parent and what we should expect from a child as well as how to get them to love the Lord and be joyful doing it. All of these sessions, including the question and answer portions will be available on CD. Please do yourself a favor and order a copy.

Get the CD for all the details!

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