Busy, busy, busy!

Gospel Light has been busy and this blogger has failed to do any posting. For those of you who have missed us, please accept my apologies. I am going to attempt to catch things up here for a few minutes.

In a series that Pastor Giardino has titled, “The Windows of Heaven”, he has challenged both saved and unsaved alike to recognize that one of the Windows of Heaven is the window of opportunity. That opportunity being limited. Pastor opened up with the main passage of 2Kings 7:3-11 Comparing these four leper men to Christians, in that we live in sinful bodies that are doomed to die. Somehow God is still able to use us because of the New Life of the Spirit that we now live in. Finally we all were challenged with the question, as did the leper men, “Why do you sit here in church until you die?” We only have a window of opportunity remaining in our life to put our faith into action. God performed a tremendous miracle when the four leper men decided to step into the camp of the Syrians. There should be an audio of the message available on GLBBC Web site.

These messages on the “Windows of Heaven” are for all to hear on the main website and I encourage you to go there to listen.

In addition, Pastor has continued the series on the mind on Sunday evenings. We have also had a very informative series on the Cult of Free Masonry, taught by Thomas Interliccia on Wednesday evenings. For anyone who would not consider this to be a cult, PLEASE, get the CD of this series. You will be shocked at what you hear.

Our Christmas program, “Celebrate Christmas” was a success in that the Lord Jesus was magnified. For lack of a better term, this show was ‘performed’ on two different occasions with several visitors each night. The choirs (children and adult) , our radio theater actors, soloists and our story teller, Gabe, did a fantastic job of bringing us laughter, joy and truth. If you missed it, you should feel sad about that, especially if you are a member of GLBBC. While the reason for the celebration is the Lord, it is done for the people of the church and the edification of the saints.

The last couple of months have included our Harvest dinner, a youth trip to Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PA, Keepers of the Faith groups making and selling pies and hot sauce for Thanksgiving, a very full house at Pastor and Mrs. Giardino’s Christmas open house, a Super Saturday Candy Cane event for kids, a couples  Ugly Christmas Sweater dinner party, our annual Ladies Christmas fellowship, and the Christmas program. For pictures, see our website. They should be posted there soon. It has certainly been a busy place and we are happy to have a church people who are willing and ready to serve the King of Kings. We would love to have you visit us and meet our happy group of people.

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