A Message for the New Year!

What does a mobster have to do with my relationship to God????

John Gotti was famously known for not being able to get “nailed” for his crimes to the point he was nicknamed “Teflon Don“.

This was Pastor Giardino’s first and very powerful sermon of 2012.

God want’s to get a grip on us and us on him however we are like teflon, a Non-Stick surface.

Title of this sermon message is: “STICK TO IT”

You really need to hear this for yourself. There is no way to put this recap in a way that reflects what God had delivered to us through our pastor.

Pastor divided the message into three parts.

(1) Menace, The Sting

(2) Man’s Mending, The Stick

(3) Meaning, The Stir

(1)Starting with Eze. 37:16-19 We become aware of the sting of death. (Which sticks to us)

Jesus was “Nailed” stuck to the cross. That is “Sticking To It”. God stuck to it.

(2)Pastor crossed meanings of “stick” to announce this message. God wants to make us one. Like two sticks into one, in the hand of God. Eze 37:16-17

Then pastor turned to use snow flakes as an example of how single snow flakes that fall and disappear but putting many snowflakes together, they begin to bond and become one, as in snow, and it takes a lot to move it.


This is just to show a bit of what the message was. It is a MUST HEAR.

(3) The MEANING of the message, “THE STIR”

Ezra 9:7-9. God gave a “nail”. Something to fix to. God stirs us up. The bones of the dead began to shake and make noise. God was strirring in the midst and New Life came to dead bones. Dead because of (the sting), brought to unity, (The Stick) and finally brought to life with a great stirring.

This sermon as well as many more are available through GLBBC.com. God Bless all.

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