The Sermon from 01/29/2012 – Shadow of Egypt

Pastor Giardino laid out an interesting message titled “Shadow Of Egypt”.

This is the 4th part of a series which started 1/8/2012. The 1st of three parts entitled “Much More” from Romans 5. The main scripture reading is Moses’ song in Duet 32.

The 2012 theme for GLBBC is “More of Him, Less of Self”.

The series had led into many avenues pertaining to God’s jealousy in all respects, the character of God and the character of Moses, the dangers of jealousy working within the church, and “Shadow of Egypt” based on Isaiah 30:1-2.

(1) Armchair Christians – Like Israel in Deut 32:15 “Waxed Fax” Idleness.

(2) Armpit Christians – Not a pleasant place. Provoking God to anger by sitting in idleness while the poor go unfed. (Esp. Spiritually) God invested everything for us. Not a time to go to sleep but rather to shake off every weight of sin that clings so closely and run the race.

(3) Armrest Christians – Is the righteous rest we have in God. Security. Not the same as resting in idleness. God is our heavenly Father and always will be so He treats us as his sons and daughters.

This message is likened to the pep talk from a coach who sees the team not performing. An encouragement, not a lashing. God loves us so much. Let us encourage each other to “More of Him, Less of Self”.

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