Pastor Bob Brado Teaches How to “Ease Our Burden”

Sermon from 02/15/2012, Titled: “Ease Our Burden”

Pastor Bob Brado filling in for Pastor Giardino brought home such an enlightening message.

Key Verses: 1Cor. 8:1-13

You may want to read this passage and note how the theme Paul the Apostle was pointing to was how our burdens our eased.

Pastor Brado started first with 1Cor. 8:13 showing that Paul’s intention was not to burden but rather to release the burden.

Beginning with 1Cor.8:2-3, liberality and willingness will open doors because it is God doing the works through our faith.

Ending with 1Cor.8:11-12, to perform what we are willing. To act on it. Sow an act, reap a habit. Sow at habit, reap character. Sow to character, reap your destiny. Our willingness is accepted based on what a man has and not on what he does not have. (Ex. If you are willing to give money but do not have any to give, then the willingness is fruitless.) Don’t compare yourself to others. Give as it has been given to you, even your very selves. (1Cor.8:5)

1Cor.8:13 Our burden will be eased when we go along with the program. It proves we trust Him and proves our sincerity.

Check out the recorded message as well as other interesting avenues on the web site.

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