Pastor Vince Massa Preaches at GLBBC, March 4th, 2012

Sunday 3/4/12: It was good to hear from Pastor Vince Massa this Sunday morning. He would come down and walk amongst us and touch and look as he spoke to us. From time to time you will hear him slam his hand on the pulpit.

He opened up with Acts 26:1-28. What does it mean to be a Christian, according to the Bible? This portion of Acts is about Paul the Apostle, who’s life has been in itself an open book, a man who was saved by the grace of God. It may be difficult to see why Pastor Massa used this scripture as a means to help us to know: “How to be a Christian” and “What is a Christian”.

  1. To be born again. To trust and to know forgiveness. To trust Christ and to trust Christ alone. It is the only way God, the Holy Spirit, works through.
  2. To act in obedience toward repentance. Repentance means to change your mind. Act 26:20 “To turn”. “Works that meet (are right) for repentance”.
  3. To KNOW you have been born again.
  4. To grow in grace. “To love what I hated and to hate what I loved” The world and all it offers as opposed to Christ. (Luke 2:52) Increased.
  5. To surrender to God’s will.
  6. To live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  7. To live a life that gives glory to God.

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