Brother Vince Massa at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church

Pastor Giardino took notes during the March 4th Sunday night message that Brother Vince Massa preached to Gospel Light. Here are some of the major points.

  • In order to serve the Lord, you must submit yourselves to Him!
  • We must worship God! God is seeking individuals to worship Him!
  • God wants worship. “If your not saved here tonight, you may become a worshiper of the anti-Christ.”
  • For the most part, the great sin of our churches is “self” sitting on the throne.
  • The book of Matthew was used to learn some things of Jesus Christ.

Worship requires submission and an acknowledgment of the Lord in His person! His person is this:

1. His Rule and His Deity:

  • If your going to learn how to worship you’d had better learn how to give!
  • The disciples realized the Lord’s deity through the calming of the storm! When you recognize who He is, then you’ll have to worship Him and submit to Him!
  • We know that Jesus is God. Do you realize this is God in the flesh?
  • If He is God in the flesh, then I must worship! We have eternal life because He is the son of God. We have a witness in ourselves. The Holy Ghost tells us.

2. His Word:

  • Are you willing to submit to what God is saying to you through His Word, or do you make excuse for yourself?
  • Use this prayer: “In me dwells no good thing. Cleanse thou me in my mind and in my spirit. Help me to worship thee, what thou sayest I will do!”
  • Pray this also: “Lord I don’t have the sense to run my life! I’m not wise enough, smart enough, to run this life.”
  • We need to submit and hand over the reigns of our lives to God.

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