by Darryl Marcoux

I would like to publicly thank all those wonderful people who have been praying for me about the pain I experience shooting down my right leg. Through this church I benefited by prayer from the Saints at GLBBC a high level of comfort in the leg region.

I would especially like to thank Valerie Goodhew for taking pity on me and inviting me to her home, taking time to pick me up and introducing me to Alan who worked on me by way of homeopathic medicine philosophy and in 15 minutes made it so that I was totally pain free for two to three days! At present I am 70% better as far as pain goes.

Thursday I had an appointment with the primary doctor and basically told her that her medication was not working and I stopped taking it. I also told her of this homeopathic treatment and she responded with she also goes to massage treatments herself and believes wholly in the benefits through massage. Unfortunately insurance companies do not recognize massage therapy as a legitimate practice.

A while back I blogged about the power of prayer. That blog was a true story that happened in California. This story is also true only I am the recipient. I owe all this to you, the congregation from Gospel Light. You are all graceful, wonderful feeling people who think more of others than you do for yourselves. What true to the heart Christians are supposed to act because Jesus is in your hearts and you let Him work through you. Bless you all, every one of you deserve to be acknowledged by name but there isn’t enough room on the internet for that!

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  1. Fred Beggs
    Fred Beggs says:


    It is a mighty thing that many would hear and believe the word of truth. Jesus said, “We speak that we do know” John 3:11 “We speak” includes you and I in what we have come to know.

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