House to House Ministry

House to House Lessons
taught by
Steve D & Gabriel G
written by Darryl M.

I recently attended the H2H class given at Gospel Light March 26th taught by Steve and Gabriel. There were Eight participants who benefited at this class, nice job men! I recommend that if you plan to knock on doors this year that you get your hands on the notes or better yet ask Steve and Gabriel for another opportunity in a classroom setting. It was a rich experience being it prepares you for things to come while knocking on strangers doors.

I was especially encouraged by such a small number of participants taking in account that our church is a bible believing church and many members already are prepared for door knocking; as our church is obedient to the scriptures IE: Matt 28:19&20 where we are commanded by Jesus to go out and spread the Gospel throughout the world!

There are three opportunities for door knocking this year. Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons, plus there will be special days set aside for Rochester events. These events will mostly be Saturday mornings and will be announced well in advance. I’ll be looking forward to seeing many of us out there ‘saving souls’ for Jesus and fulfilling our Christian duty by being obedient to Jesus. Amen

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