“Bring A Friend Day” – Sunday Morning Service 03/25/2012


Pastor Giardino spoke about “friendship” on a day called “Bring A Friend Day”. He first opened up with a quote from L.B. Johnson who was asked why do we support Israel when they are so out numbered? He responded with,”Because it is right.”

Today our support and friendship with Israel is questionable which may reverse how God has blessed our nation. John Adams is quoted as saying, “I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize man more than any other nation” The Jewish faith was predominantly a faith of liberty.

Jesus asked what do we have over any other if we love only those who love us in return. “Love your enemies” Mat:5:43-48 Pastor brought out how even Judas Iscariat, who betrayed Him, was called “friend”, by Jesus. Mat: 26:47-50

Isn’t it interesting that Jesus went in to eat with sinners rather than those who have no need of healing? It was clearly claimed by the onlookers that Jesus ate and drank with publicans and sinners. He was a friend to them. Mat. 9:11-13 Pastor challenged us as to who we give our friendship to. Do we just hang out with those that agree with us?

Our support should constantly be for those who support us, even Israel, since the promise is through them. Secondly, there should be a reaching out to those who are in need, spiritually. The poor in in spirit. This is truly what makes us shine in this world of perverseness. Phil.2:12-15

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