Patch the Pirate Club

Every Wednesday night, at 6:45 PM, Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church holds a meeting of the children’s Patch the Pirate Club, or simple Patch Club. The second floor school rooms are used while moms and dads are in the sanctuary for Wednesday night service. The boys and girls belonging to the club receive Sailor’s Log spiral-bound workbooks, which are divided into units and are used to conduct club activities. The units include godly lessons, songs, plays, fun pages, and much, much more. This club program has been created especially to help children come to Christ and grow in His love and is exciting and rewarding. GLBBC would like to encourage the children of our church families to participate in Patch the Pirate Club.

Sailor’s Salute: I pledge allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ, Whose name I love and Whose praise I sing. As a faithful sailor in Patch the Pirate Club, I will do my best to serve my Savior and obey His Word.

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