GLBBC Magazine: Celebrity Profiles

Volume 4: A continuing series of celebrity interviews with the ladies of Gospel Light.

Behind the scenes with Carolyn Merriman.

Questions and Answers: Because an inquiring church congregation wants to know.


In high school, were you cool/ nerdy/ tomboy/ other? I was a mixed breed; I was pleasantly anti-social. I preferred the company of a good book and played basketball every day with my 6’5” brother and his friends.

What was your first impression of your husband after meeting for the first time? A really nice guy; he still is.

What is your favorite TV show ever? I don’t “do” TV. As a child, my favorite was probably “Little House on the Prairie”.

What is guaranteed to make you laugh every time? I make myself laugh; I have an intense sense of humor.

What is your favorite meal? Shrimp Primavera at Olive Garden.

What is your worst kept secret about yourself? I am obsessive-compulsive, but deny it.

What is the worst kept secret about your husband? He will work on any vehicle, dead or alive.

How old are you? 50

What do you do to relax? I don’t relax; I’m obsessive-compulsive.

What is your dream job? I love being a labor and delivery nurse; that is what I do. I love being a mother; that is what I am.

If you had the means to travel anywhere, where would you go? I would travel to Switzerland with my father. We would read every sign in every museum.

What is something people would find surprising about you? I don’t “do” the Christmas tree/gift giving thing.

No really, how old are you? 50

What was the first car you ever drove? The first car I drove was my mother’s blue Dodge at the age of 14. I used to take my 12 year old brother for a spin, then he would take me for a spin. My parents were not informed, and it is still illegal in New Jersey! We were typical preacher’s kids!

Do you have any hidden talents? I have an intense sense of humor.

What is one thing that your husband owns that you wish you could throw out? The garage.

What was your first job? I was an order taker at a seafood take-out place in Ocean City, NJ.

Did you have a nickname as a child or in school? What was it? I was called “the pet” as a child. My siblings perceived that I was the favorite one probably because my parents perceived that I was the perfect child. Both were misperceptions.

Outside of family, who was the first boy you ever kissed? My husband.

What is your favorite binge/junk food? Pure Chocolate.

To you, what animal makes the ideal pet and why? I don’t “do” pets.