Cult Series Introduction

At Gospel Light, Our Wednesday evening service began, as usual with the children heading upstairs to participate in the “Kings Kids” led by Mr. and Mrs. Derefinko. The teens likewise headed off to “Keepers of Faith” with Gabriel Gonzalez. I heard Grayson was there to preach.

While singing our hymns, the congregation had the backing of an orchestra! Nancy and Julia played violin, behind them was Grayson with his rhythm guitar, at the piano was Gail, and up front was Raquel on the electric keyboard. Of special note was the fine piano playing of Maddy Derefinko during the offering.

Pastor Giardino had a few announcements, among them being how pleased he was with the Discipleship Rally that had taken place the previous evening. Mentioning how the number of teachers had doubled from the original twelve from a few years ago, he said it was “a privilege to have these people at his disposal.” Still at the pulpit, he pulled out his cell phone and explained that he has recently started texting messages to various people, in place of unreliable e-mails, as a way to contact them with updates. Then with a mischievous grin, he proudly began to read from his phone love notes texted between him and his wife. He stopped reading before he got to the good parts.

As always the case at Wednesday evening service, a prayer list had been handed out before the service. Pastor G. read most of the list and then solicited more requests from the congregation. We then broke up into prayer groups to pray.

To start the cult series off, Pastor Giardino provided a 30 minute introduction to what the series will be about. His intent was to “set the pace on where we need to go with this series over the many weeks.” His listed the cults to be covered, many of which will be “touchy” topics. The series will explain what religions will be like before the rapture, the “winds of doctrines”, and the “myriad of voices.” Each of the cults will be examined from a biblical (KJV) perspective.

Pastor read from Rev 3:14-15 to profile the lukewarm nature of the church of Laodicea, which reflexes “even good Baptist churchs” of today. Other verses used in his teaching were I John 2:18, 22, I John 4:3, and II John 1:7 as he spoke of false christs, anti-christs, and the false prophet, who is the anti-spirit. “If Jesus is not God, then you can not have your sins cleansed, that is the issue.”, Pastor G. strongly stated. Our pastor urgently advised that we be ready to battle, to be able to counter false teachings, and not to turn away from the challenge. “You should have at least 3 verses you can hit with on the diety.”, he urged. “Sometimes you need microsurgery and the bible is the serrated blade  you need to use.”, Pastor Giardino concluded.